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Patch membership in the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association is a sign of participation in the organization.

The only requirement for patch membership is to attend 3 IOCA trips within 2 consecutive school semesters. One of these trips needs to be a traditional IOCA trip, i.e. Fall Lake George or Spring Conference. For a trip to be an IOCA trip it must have been announced before hand and have at least 3 colleges attending. Once you have completed this requirement, email Annie Becker at to get your patch. Patches cost $4 each. Once you have your patch it should be proudly displayed as much as possible.

Current Patch Members Include (but are not limited to):


William Garrabrant, Hamilton College (class of 1960)
ed pejack, RPI (class of 1961)


Don Beck, RPI (class of 1961)
Jim Galloway, RPI (class of 1962)
Don Wade, Cooper Union (class of 1963)


Jan Galloway, Syracuse University (class of 1966)


Robin Andrews, North Carolina State University (class of 1968)


Jim Drake, RPI (class of 1967)


same , Union College (class of 1967)
Roland Vinyard, University of Delaware (class of 1968)
Linda Zuryk Loder, Wilson College (class of 1968)


Peter Nelson, University Of Connecticut


Chuck Stephens, Syracuse University (class of 1979)


Ann Knudson, Syracuse University (class of 1974)


Paul Seldes, Brooklyn College (class of 1981)


Bruce Hooke, Wesleyan (class of 1990)


Jon Allison, RPI
Anne Becker, Cornell University
Helen Johnson, MIT
Keith Langenwalter, RPI (class of 2001)


Chris Cook, RPI
Alyssa Danigelis, Mount Holyoke College
Joan Gitnick, RPI
Don Tuite, (class of 1965)


Anna Bennett, Mount Holyoke College (class of 2004)
Liz Burrows, Mount Holyoke College
Michael Chu, RPI (class of 2003)
Neil Grabowsky, RPI (class of 2004)
David Hubelbank, RPI (class of 2005)
Mary Beth Mulrane, RPI (class of 2004)
Chris Rees, RPI (class of 2004)
Betsey Swanner, Mount Holyoke College


Patrick Allen, Union College (class of 2005)
Monica Blount, RPI (class of 2007)
Rebecca Connor, Mount Holyoke College (class of 2001)
Kent Hutton, RPI (class of 2007)
Lauren LaBella, RPI (class of 2007)
Greg Wallace, RPI (class of 2003)
Adam Wishneusky, RPI (class of 2005)


Michelle Garberoglio, Kingsboro Community College (class of 2000)
Michelle Moon, Mount Holyoke College (class of 2007)


Brian Sudran, SUNY New Paltz (class of 2008)


Christiaan Adams, MIT (class of 2004)
Fiona Cushing, Mount Holyoke College (class of 2009)
Elise Evans, Mount Holyoke College (class of 2010)
Scott Humber, Bridgewater State College
Nicholas Korda, Castleton State College (class of 2009)
Nicholas Pirelli, Bridgewater State College (class of 2007)

If you know of any patch members who are not listed here (esp. those members from before 1998), please take a moment to fill out our easy form. Also please email updates and corrections to

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