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The Alumni Group of the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association

We've missed you! Won't you join us?

Who is IOCAlum? We are a very loose-knit group of former college Outing Clubbers, of all ages, who could not bear to have the fun stop just because we left college. We are from all over the United States and Canada and have just about every interest you could imagine. Binding us together is a love of the out of doors and of good fellowship with like-minded folks. Within IOCAlum, you will find old friends - and will encounter many friends that you haven't met yet.

What do we do? We have a newsletter, published on real paper, that comes out irregularly, 3-4 times per year. In it, you will find news of IOCA, news from Alums, a calendar of both IOCA and IOCAlum trips, parties and reunions and an amalgamation of memorabilia, cartoons and humor, songs, nostalgia and history, places to visit, equipment and techniques, and conservation matters. ALSO, once a year we publish the member's Directory. In it, besides the obvious names and addresses, there are other little pearls such as maiden names, schools and years attended, jobs, children, and interests of members. In the Directory is included the annual Bummer's List, listing Alums who have offered floor or bed space for impromptu visitors of the IOCA persuasion. I have used this often and have never failed to be warmly received, housed and cared-for beyond my expectations. And at any time, there may be an email alert with time-sensitive communications about trips, jobs, conservation concerns, and other various items of interest...

We'd like to count you among our members. You can't object to the price; dues have been $6 for more than a decade, defying inflation whiles services just get better and better. Patches are available for $1, both bargains at twice the price!

IOCAlum Executive Secretary:
Roland Vinyard
597 State Highway 162
Sprakers, NY 12166
phone: 518-673-3212 (3219 fax)

To sign up: simply mail or email Roland the following information:

Name, College and year of graduation
Spouse's name, college and year of graduation
Address, Phone, Email
Children, Your special outdoor interests
Occupation and whether you want to be included on the Bummer's List (and what you can offer, eg bed, floor, tent space, dinner)

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