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The Intercollegiate Outing Club Association was formed in 1932 to serve as a contact between college outing clubs.

Today the association still holds the same purpose. It allows larger clubs with a lot of expertise and equipment to help smaller clubs with fewer resources become more active. It also helps new clubs to get started by providing sample constitutions, bylaws, and ideas.

IOCA events offer a great chance to meet others who share a love of the outdoors and adventure. Newsletters are sent out to announce trips, circulate articles, info, and photos. To get onto the mailing list email the current Exec. Sec:

For a glimpse of the eary years of IOCA, take a look at this 1946 film in the MIT Outing Club's gallery, which contains great footage of an MIT-Colby outing to Katahdin.

IOCA published many newsletters and other materials over the years. To take a look at some of them, go to the Publication Archives.

A big part of IOCA history was the Song Fest collections. Information on them is available in the Song Fest Pages.

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