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Welcome to, the home on the web for the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association. This site is here to help you, the outdoor enthusiast--young or old.

Great views and good times at Fall Lake George 2005 (more photos).
[photo by James Houghton (MITOC), click for larger version]


The IOCA Song Fest is a collection of songs sung by the men and women of IOCA. It was published into a series of books from the 1940's through the 1970's. We are researching the history of these wonderful collections, and have put the information we've found so far on the: IOCA Song Fest Pages

The Outing Club Handbook was published by IOCA in 1955. It's a great (if somewhat outdated) resource for those looking to start an outing club. We've scanned a copy, which you can download here: OutingClubHandbook.pdf (10MB).

Are you a recent college grad? You should look into joining IOCAlum. For $6/year you get a newsletter, a directory of other IOCAlums and the famous "Bummer's List" where you can find a place to stay when you go on a trip.

This site is meant to be an invaluable resource for members and future members of outing clubs across the country. It can help you to:

  • Get more info about IOCA {about},
  • Find out if there's a club at your school {schools}.
  • Start a club if there isn't one currently
  • Network and organize trips {trips out}.
  • View outing pictures and post your own {gallery}.
  • Get more information on IOCA and outing clubs {officers}
  • Sign up for conservation emails {conservation}
  • Find a place to stay (for free) during your next big adventure if you're an {IOCAlum}

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